After Bidding on a Job - Website

Now that you have bid on a job, it is up to the Contractor to either accept or reject your bid.

After bidding on a job, your screen should appear as seen below.

Image title

Notice the number under Open Bids is 5. This means you have 5 truck bids that are pending acceptance for that job.

To view pending truck bids, click the Image title tab. You can view or cancel any pending bids here.

Image title

If a truck bid has been accepted or rejected, you can view these events by clicking the Image title tab as shown below.

Image title

This will show you a list of the notifications sent to you via email or text in regards to the job you have placed bids on. Here it will display whether a truck has been accepted or rejected and if a job has been canceled.

By clicking Image title in Pending Jobs or the Job Board, you can view all information about the job as well as pending and accepted trucks which appear at the bottom of the Details view as shown below.

Image title

"MyTruck 1" has been accepted for this job. You will no longer be able to use this truck to bid on another job with the same start date.

After the Contractor has accepted all trucks needed for the job, you can view the job under Accepted Jobs by clicking the Image title tab as shown below.

Image title

Jobs with Image title  status have been completely filled with the amount of trucks requested by the Contractor but have not been completed yet. Accepted jobs status can mean the job start date is today or sometime in the future.

Jobs with Image title status shows that a job has been completed and the start date of the job has already passed.

Once your trucks have been accepted, they are assigned to that specific job and it is now your responsibility to make sure they arrive to the pick up site on the date and time listed in the details of the job. If your truck is unable to begin the job on the given date and time, it is up to you to cancel your bid which will notify the Contractor to let him/her know they need to find a replacement truck.