How to Bid on a Job - Text

TruckIT offer truckers the option to recieve text notifications to their cell phone when jobs are posted. The text will appear as shown below.

Image title

This text includes the following information about the job:

  • Company
  • Date
  • Payload/Quantity
  • Trucks Needed
  • Pickup Location
  • Dropoff Location

If you are using a smartphone, there are two ways to bid on this job: 

  1. Open the website, Image title, which will take you to the TruckIT sign in page.
  2. Respond to the text using the 5 digit number as shown, Image title.

If you choose option 1, simply login and bid on the job using our mobile friendly website.

If you choose option 2, reply to the text with the unique 5 digit code as shown below.

Image title

After replying with the unique code, the website responds.

Image title

This is where you reply with the number of truck bids you would like to assign to this job.

Image title

You will then recieve a text notifying you the number of truck bids assigned to this job.

Image title

If you notice the time the text message was sent and the current time on the image above, it took only 2 minutes to bid on this job without making any phone calls or logging onto the website.

The text feature was created to make bidding on jobs as simple and convinient as possible.

You just bid on a job in 2 minutes by sending 2 text messages!

What to do after you bid on a job: Click Here