Enable/Disable Text Notifications

TruckITs text notification is a convinient way to stay updated with job offers, accepted and rejected trucks, canceled jobs, etc. When signing up as a Trucker, text notifications are enabled. If you prefer to work through the TruckIT website rather than your cell phone, text notifications can be turned off (disabled).

Below is the main page after logging in to www.TruckITapp.com.

Image title

The menu items on the lefthand of the screen might be different based on account type but every account type has:

Image title and Image title

To enable/disable text notifications, start by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the screen. You should see a menu that appears as shown below.

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Click Edit Profile to view your profile information.

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Located in Profile Info is a checkbox labeled 'Enable txt notifications'

If text notifications are on (enabled), the box will look like this: Image title

If text notifications are off (disabled), the box will look like this: Image title

By clicking the box you can enable and disable text notifications.